Corbin Keech

Design Team Member

Registrations & Certifications

Registered Architect, Illinois


A childhood in Kansas City, Missouri, established Corbin’s foundation of hard work, personal expression, excellent barbeque, and the virtues of remaining stubbornly loyal to underachieving athletic programs. A Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Kansas State University initiated his obsession with design, big ideas, and good coffee. An escape to Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, stretched his field of interest to include better coffee, constructing bigger ideas, and the political implications of adequate bike lanes. A Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University simultaneously reaffirmed and deconstructed everything he understood to be true about everything.

After a quick post-grad tour of the Balkans and 1.5 years spent happily perpetuating the stereotype that New York is the most exhilarating city in the Western Hemisphere, Corbin returned to Central Standard Time to continue this journey with the most talented team imaginable at SGA.

Why SGA?

Because today I will discuss with my co-workers: evaporative cooling systems, the Super Bowl, Peter Cook, noise music, and Obama’s mid-range jumper.

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