Samantha Snodgrass

Marketing Director


From Main Street in a small Missouri town to the sights and sounds of the Big City, Samantha found her way to SGA through a series of equally remarkable events. First inspired as a musician who dreamt of singing at The Met, she soon discovered her creative spirit was drawn towards design marketing, leaving the rest to history. (Speaking of history, she is currently focused on perfecting her grandma's peach pie and finding adventures that spark childlike wonder and delight.) A seasoned globe trekker, she never packs more than a carry-on suitcase and once, on a whim, went to the airport very early in the morning, closed her eyes to choose a destination, and hopped on the next flight. Sitting at a table in Memphis, breakfast tasted just a little better that morning.

Why SGA?

It inspires smiles, clever conversation, laughter, and a passion for design.

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