Schuyler Smith

Shop Co-Leader

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When Schuyler was in the second grade he participated in a school-sponsored physical fitness challenge. The goal of the challenge was to persuade the chubby little second grade rugrats to run 100 miles over the course of the school year. "Participate" was perhaps too passive a word for Schuyler, who took to the contest with a religious zeal that would make even the Westboro Baptist Church blush. Every day before school he ran. Every recess he ran, for the whole recess. He seriously didn't do anything else in his free time. When he reached the 50 mile mark, no other student had yet logged a single mile. He won the race many months ahead of schedule. (He had yet to figure out that it's not really a “race” unless someone else is running.) His laser-like focus won the prize, a small bag of candy.

That was the same year that Schuyler's teacher suggested he might feel more comfortable in a special ed class.

Why SGA?

The dreamers here are outfitted with engines and landing gear. I love the view.

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