Thorsten Johann

Senior Project Leader

Registrations & Certifications



Thorsten was born and raised in Munich, Germany, and went on to study and work in Regensburg, Berlin, and Chicago. Though he does miss the mountains, he’s excited that he can use that curiosity for cities and new places in his work (Chicago's beaches help make up for it, too). Thorsten has been with SGA since 2003 and involved in many of the firm’s major projects. He’s also had some time to work on his America Checklist. Own an American classic: 1982 El Camino - check; Fan of  an American Sport: Windy City Rollers Roller Derby - check; Adopt traditional Costume: John Deere Hat (bought at Moline Headquarters!) - check! The only thing missing is a motorcycle trip across the country, but that won't be too much longer, either...

Why SGA?

Because it’s taught me: there's always a solution!

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