Vancouver Pair

Shaping a Powerful Urban Connection


Vancouver / Canada


Studio Gang Architects


Concord Pacific


Design Concept Completed 2010

LEED Rating

targeted Silver

These two towers for downtown Vancouver work together and with the fabric of the city to achieve what many high-rise projects lack: an active and exciting public space at ground level. Transforming from concave at the base to convex at the top, the towers circumscribe a public plaza that connects pedestrians with the adjacent waterfront park. Their sinuous forms take on the smooth, sculptural appearance of driftwood, an element produced by this region's unique proximity of wooded mountains and sea.

Formed and oriented to maximize light and views for the residential units, the towers are also strategically designed for sustainability. Water, solar, geothermal, and ventilation strategies reduce the buildings’ energy footprint, while their green roof gardens reduce the heat island effect and offer residents a pleasant outdoor experience in the heart of the city.

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